Let My People Go by Alvin Mukisa

As a Christian, I felt convicted and realized that I was bound in a sinful lifestyle, which I needed to end immediately. I tried several options that were unsuccessful until I convinced myself that marrying a woman would be ideal and would dissuade my feelings for my fellow men.

My passion for God did not waver despite my challenges, and I was soon fully convinced that I should get married, start a family, and continue serving God. However, when I got married, it was a terrible experience, and the marriage lasted for only three years. I was unfaithful to my beautiful wife because I frequently sneaked out to meet men for sexual relations. Eventually, my wife found out and was not ready to put up with my unfaithfulness; our marriage fell apart.

All throughout my struggle, I heeded familiar Christian morality but could not find the liberty I desired. My struggle intensified when she left because the lifestyle was no longer a secret. Despite what I was going through, deep within me, I knew that I needed to get a permanent solution to my problem.

Gradually, I came to realize that the Lord understood what I was searching for because, one night, I received a clear message in a dream pointing me to a certain famous deliverance ministry in Uganda for help. In this dream, the president handed me a certificate, which included the name of the lead minister of that deliverance ministry.

In response to my dream, I went to seek that gospel minister, and through his teachings and biblical insights, I got to know that deliverance precedes total freedom. I eventually received the freedom I desired after adhering to the biblical principles I was taught.